Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil review

Recently I have been very interested in hair care. My hair is in really good condition; if I do say so myself! I dye my hair once every 4 weeks and I straighten my hair I would say four days out of the week. So really everything in my hair care routine is there pretty much to keep my hair strong, soft and in good condition.

Lately I have been diving in to the new craze of argan oil hair care products. If you check out review of the Eclipz Argan Oil hair mask from Primark you will see my very first review of on argan oil product! Since that product was coming to an end I decided to pick up this.

Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil in its packaging

So I ordered this online a bit back from the Superdrug website when I was picking up a few other things. Take a look on their website here on the Superdrug website. The product itself is 100ml for £6.99 and as you can see comes very nicely packaged in a sleek gold cardboard box. Organix have a range of Moroccan argan oil products available such as shampoo and conditioners but for now I wanted to try the oil! To find out more on Organix products click here to visit their website and click here to see what argan oil products they offer!

Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil

As I said before you get a 100ml container of the oil. To access the product you just flip open the lid and squirt/drop the product in to your palm then run it through your hair.

The Argan Oil

The oil is fine rather than thick so it doesn't feel like you are running grease through your hair. It also has a lovely natural scent to it which lingers till you dry your hair. The oil helps to protect against heat as well as 'moisturize, revive, create softness and strength' and claims to give you 'smooth, sexy tresses'.

So does the product live up to the claims? Well in my opinion yes! My hair did feel noticeably smooth even just after drying. I felt that my hair when I straightened it was much easier to straighten and there seemed to be a nice shine and glossiness about my hair. I particularly noticed that the end of my hair looked much fuller and awakened so I definitely think it had an effect there! My hairdresser also noticed that my already thick hair had yet another layer of regrowth on my neck and more hair was growing (meaning my hair will be EVEN thicker... oh great!) I definitely think this product is the contributing factor to that! I also noticed that after using this product daily very little was used up. I had been using this product daily for two weeks before I took the above photos and I've barely dented it! This product is also good because whenever I do accidentally use a bit too much I cam rub the oil around on skin or rub it in to my hands!

Overall I would totally recommend this product to everyone! This product is designed for all hair types and I feel like it would benefit everyone in some way! I would particularly recommend this to younger girls just starting to heat style or dye their hair in order to maintain the quality of their hair.

  • Great price for 100ml of products that seems like it will last!
  • Lives up to its claims and makes the hair smooth and noticeably stronger
  • Has a pleasant scent
  • I'm not a fan of the squirt/pour out top - can be a little annoying at times but eventually you get the hand of it!
I hope you guys liked this review! I hope to be trying a few more argan oil hair care products as it really seems to be making a noticeable different to my hair!

So have you tried this argan oil or any other argan oil products? What are your thoughts on this current trend? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I've tried Morocanoil but don't like it...but I will give a try to oil products :D

    I nominated you to a Liebster Award :D


    1. Sorry to hear that! And I have already been nominated hun but thank you for the nomination!



  2. I have never tried hair oils, will have to give this a try sometime! Nice review again! :)

    Georgie x

    1. I would definitely recommend it! It was my first hair oil or at least in a while if my memory is failing! I really love it and it has made a noticeable difference!



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